Environmental Biographies. The Evolution of Urban Ecosytems in Karlsruhe

Dr. Federico Garrido. Seminar

The Schlossgarten in Karlsruhe has been a critical piece of the city's
infrastructure since its foundation, serving not only as an illustration of the
state's power but also as an integral component within the built
The objective of the seminar is to explore various architectural research and
representation tools, including archival material, diagrams and 3d models
and through them, the aim is to uncover, analyze and communicate the
intricate layers of overlapping infrastructure in the Schlossgarten, crafting an
"urban biography" portraying the city's evolution.
The participants will be required to participate in the Stegreif exercise by A.
Romero Carnicero “Mapping Zirkel's ecological occurrences” (Prof.

Mi 09:45-11:15 20.40 R015 Seminarraum Bau- und Architekturgeschichte

Excursion after arrangement
Submission/Exam: presentation and submission due 11.03.2024