Elements of Karlsruhe. Experimental Catalog-Making and Speculative Redesign of Historical Elements

Dr. Federico Garrido. Seminar

The seminar will focus on the utilization of architecture research and
modeling tools to discover, catalogue, and re-envision a sequence of
architectural elements present in the city of Karlsruhe. Focusing on multiple
aspects including geometry, materials, manufacturing techniques and their
meanings and ethics, the seminar's primary goal resides in the reevaluation
of their roles within a highly speculative environment.
Taking advantage of tools for reality capture and 3d design such as
parametric tools and high-frequency sculpting, the seminar will explore the
potentialities in registering architectural components and embracing
catalog-making tools, defining a series of ‘architectural ingredients’ for future
speculative design scenarios.

Di 11:30-13:00 20.40 R015 Seminarraum Bau- und Architekturgeschichte

Excursion after arrangement
Submission/Exam: Presentation and written essay till 10.03.2024