Towards the Urbanization of Environmental Concern

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Javier Zulategui Beñarán

Degradation of the environment has become one of the major concerns of 21st century society. Recent events such as various environmental protests, the declaration of environmental alert last November by the European Union or the current climate summit in Madrid prove this.

Despite recent efforts made by urban planning to include this environmental concern, the planet´s environmental deterioration continues to worsen. It is therefore necessary to drive forward a more adequate integration of environmental principles into urban planning. By reviewing the history of modern urban planning, we will be able to understand some contemporary environmental problems. The identification of environmental successes and errors in previous urban proposals, with the current vision and knowledge, could be used to assist and re-orient future urban projects.

Could the environmental concern have influenced urban development in any significant way? Is it possible that the considerations of the natural environment influenced the understanding of the city and its development in such a way that it deserves greater attention? In other words, what has been the influence of natural sciences and environmental concern on modern urban planning?


Javier Zulategui graduated in Biology (2010-2014) and obtained a master’s degree in Biodiversity, Landscape and Sustainable Development (2014-2015) from the University of Navarra. He has worked in Spain as a consultant in projects related to landscape and territory. Currently he is a PhD student at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, Department of Architectural Projects, Urbanism, Theory and History. His PhD Thesis is devoted to the influence of environmental concern on modern urban planning. Since last August he has been at KIT exploring German urban proposals with environmental principles between 1915 and 1960.


Arbeitsbericht und Gespräch

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